Top Chef


It all started with a …

Top Chef-Mobile is led by four professionals who have sacrificed for years to deliver an unforgettable service and product. A teacher, a clinical therapist, a university professor, and a military veteran offer an inviting experience along with great food. Top Chef-Mobile is a concept lifted from decades of commercial food experience and research from the Quad-Cities, Wiesbaden-Germany, Hawaii, Biloxi, Mississippi, Columbus, Ohio, Chattanooga,Tennessee, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, back to the Alabama Florida Georgia line. Consider the following:

  • In 1993 the teacher rose in the ranks at Morrison’s (Piccadilly) Cafeteria from a pie-cutter to inspecting and approving over 1,200 entrées per day, while attending college early morning prior to shift and late evening after closing.  In 1998 the teacher gathered an architectural team, officials from the state health department, and a construction crew.  The passion to continue in food service led to the conversion of a shotgun house to a dine-in restaurant.  After losing both parents back-to-back and a personal battle with Lupus, the restaurant was turned over to family.
  • In 1988 at age 15 the clinical therapist fried chicken at Food Shop with superb customer satisfaction.  Friends and attorneys of the owners observed the success of the product and sales, and arranged for the therapist to train cooks at their newly built operations.
  • In 2008 the university professor was a customer at the original restaurant, while serving clients near the restaurant.  The university professor simply suggested that the food should go mobile, and the first mobile event was a historical football classic, and it was an incredible success.  The rest is history, and additional mobile units were built/modified now totaling 7.
  • In 2009 the military veteran joined the cook team in Ohio at a Rib and Jazz Festival, and now serves as board president of the organization as funds are raised for organ transplant, military families, birth defect, and the underserved.

“Our many, many guests demand our BBQ, hot fish, phillies, wings, burgers, sausage, hot dogs, corn dogs, fries, fried pickles, lemonade, and funnel cake.”