Po-Boy City


It all started with a …

Po-Boy City owners, New Orleans natives displaced by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, after losing everything they owned except the clothing on their backs, relocated and have been in the Phenix City and Columbus area for 10 years. After supporting several restaurants in the local area, there was nothing quite like the Creole/Cajun style that you can only find in New Orleans. There is no other local food vendor that can offer the true authentic flavor of New Orleans, ergoes their slogan, “HOME OF THE REAL DEAL!”  The food is traditional New Orleans, however, upon request  they can add a twist of Phenix City and Columbus to their menu at Po-Boy City, LLC.

They’re currently serving the Phenix City and Columbus area and can be found near the Chattahoochee River on the Phenix City side by the 14th Street Pedestrian Bridge. Stop by and enjoy one of their delicious po-boys, seafood gumbo, red beans with rice, and many other special treats. They offer grilled entrees and side salads for their health-conscious customers, as well!

“Stop by and I promise we will not disappoint!”