Paradise by the River


It all started with a …

Everyone loves good food and lots of fun! That is what Paradise by the River wants to bring with their new food truck – a fully equipped restaurant on wheels. Serving up a delicious menu of authentic Puerto Rican dishes that would make someone think their abuela (grandma) was cooking! We want to keep the good times rolling…literally. Spice up your day with a little trip to paradise!

Just two crazy kids and one big dream! When Enrique and Liz first got married on the beach of Miami, they loved going to the food truck parks. Enrique had cooked all his life with his mother and grandmother, and, no matter how many trucks they visited, he couldn’t find the Puerto Rican flavors he missed from home. When it came time to start a family and move back to Columbus, they decided it was time! They wanted to bring real, authentic, home-cooked food just like his grandmother made him in Puerto Rico to the town they loved. Five years and two kids later, they finally made their dreams a reality! The result – the first Paradise by the River food truck

Pinchos were first on their must-haves – a great, but simple chicken or pork kabob with garlic bread. With some homemade BBQ sauce or hot sauce, it’s a must-have! Next was the Tripleta, or, as Enrique calls it, his “triple-meat-threat sandwich!” It has special, freshly baked  Puerto Rican bread with steak, ham, and pork! Of course, if you’re really hungry, a pernil plate will surely fit your rumbling belly! With a healthy portion of spanish pulled pork, rice, fried plantains, salad, and a drink, it’s sure to have you full and happy!

The menu is carefully comprised of fresh, high-quality ingredients and packed with flavor. Their food truck concept is fresh. All of the food is made fresh to order and fully customizable. Paradise by the River loves combining the simplicity of a family get-together with the food of a fine-dining experience.

“We’re on a mission to infuse fun and happiness into our community. Therefore, we hope every costumer can leave with a full belly and a big smile!”